Showdown in the Boat

September 24, 2022 September 25, 2022

The High School Colorado Cycling League is hosting its annual biking race, Showdown in the Boat. Riders will start in the Steamboat Springs Rodeo Grounds. Racers will complete ½ lap of the track before heading onto Emerald Mountain via Bluffs Loop. This singletrack trail climbs through open meadows with scenic views of Mt. Werner and Steamboat Ski Area. Once reaching the top of Bluffs Loop, riders will race through Mountain Lion Alley before connecting to Ricky’s Ridge. Here riders will navigate a series of switchbacks through low brush and aspen trees. Ricky’s Ridge eventually turns into Lupine Trail where riders will race to the top of Blackmer Rd., the highest point of the course @ 7,247 ft. The fun begins as riders descend to the finish area along Orton Trail, NPR, and Mile Run.

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