SkiPrep For Ski Season Woman on Skis

As the temperature drops and Steamboat Springs’ peaks begin to show winter white, it is time for ski enthusiasts to gear up and get out there. A winter vacation in Colorado is a fantastic opportunity to do something exciting, get your family involved and meet like-minded people.

If you need help figuring out how to prepare for ski season, this article will provide you with everything you need to know to embrace the great outdoors.

Exercises to Get You Going

Skiing is a strenuous sport. Before you pack your bag and book your flight, start physically preparing for your adventure on the slopes. Here are some ideas for a home training routine.

  • Squats: When done with excellent form, squats can build up muscles like your hamstrings and quadriceps, preventing injuries and improving flexibility. You can also visualize yourself skiing down a pristine slope while you do this exercise. Do three sets of 10 to 15 reps and increase as you get stronger. Use dumbbells for an added challenge.
  • Lunges: Lunges are similar to the motions you’ll do while skiing. Do forward, back and side lunges to build up your thighs and core. These exercises will also increase your balance and coordination, which will be incredibly useful on the mountain.
  • Planks: Viral plank challenges have popularized this exercise. We all know the benefits of building core strength, and planks work the entire area in one move.
  • Box jumps: While most weight-training exercises are slow and precise. Box jumps allow you to work on your cardio, flexibility and quick instincts. These will give you the muscles needed to make sudden power moves.
  • Leg blasters: As the saying goes, always remember leg day! Do a mini circuit in your home of 10 air squats, 10 alternating lunges and 10 squats. Finish with 10 jump lunges.


Prepping Gear and What to Pack for Skiing in Colorado

Here is a rundown of what to focus on when getting your ski essentials ready.

  • Boots: Inspect your ski or snowboard boots for any signs of wear and tear. Places to look closely are the buckle or laces. If your footwear is brand-new or has been in storage for a while, put it on and walk around in your house for a few hours. If they are uncomfortable, it is time to get new ones.
  • Dress in layers: The trick to staying warm in the snow is to wear layers on top of a moisture-wicking base. Add different types of insulation and finish with a water and windproof outer layer. What else to bring skiing? Pack extra gloves, socks and a neck gaiter.
  • Eye protection: If you are a beginner, you might not think about your eyes, but snow intensifies the sun’s rays. The solution is to get a good pair of UV-protective goggles to shield your eyes. You need goggles and a helmet to ski safely, so try them both on and ensure they are comfortable.
  • Helmet: Part of prepping what to bring skiing is checking your helmet for cracks and breaks. Also, ascertain that the latch and foam are still in working order.

Ski/Snowboard Tuneup

Skis and snowboards are your main-event gear, so ensure they are in top-notch condition. Here are a few tips for getting your gear ready.

  • Wax on: Get a new coat of fresh wax on. For beginners, the wax will give your skis and snowboard speed and prevent the base from drying out.
  • Edge sharpening: If you are uncertain about using a diamond stone or file, see a professional about sharpening your edges. You will want to keep your eye on any nicks or burrs on the edge. Ideally, they should be consistent from one end to the other.
  • Poles: For skiers, inspect your poles before you go. Ensure they haven’t warped or gotten damaged in storage.

Get the Details for Your Trip

Before you can pack and book, you need to work out the nitty-gritty details like:

  • Who else is going?
  • Will you get around via shuttle or rent a car?
  • What other winter activities does everyone want to do?
  • When does your group want to go?

You can book your trip once you’ve ironed out all these specifics. Or, call The Porches of Steamboat, and our concierge services will take care of everything. We can reserve your stay and make all the arrangements for you, from airport shuttles to dinner reservations.

We can also give you tips about any specials or discounts and complimentary services with us and other local companies, recommending restaurants and other places of interest.

Transportation and Lodging

The top two items on your winter vacation planning checklist are where you’ll stay and how you will get there. The Porches of Steamboat has year-round activities and gorgeous homes for you and your family or friends, tucked away in a perfect location right at the foot of the ski resort.

Each house has space for 10 to 14 people, a full kitchen, fireplaces, game tables and free Wi-Fi. Our property also features a clubhouse with recreational activities, a steam room, an all-season swimming pool with a jetted spa and an outside area for cookouts.

Contact our concierge service to book your spot and arrange a private shuttle to pick you up at the airport. Our team will whisk you to where you need to go in style!

Vacation in Steamboat Springs This Winter

Are you ready to take an unforgettable trip to a winter wonderland? Besides having skiing slopes for all experience levels, Steamboat Springs lets you take snowmobiling and hot air balloon tours, go on snowshoeing treks and indulge in luxurious spa treatments.

Reach out to us and let us plan your next thrilling getaway.